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What Do Our Customers Say?


Martin, what a Monster! My son Tom and I had a blast building the beast. Time for paint and brakes. Thanks for all the support!!!

~ Mike and Tom (soon to be 16 Yikes!) Texas 

Well, we got her done. First car show we beat out all the Cobras and Vettes for first place in our class of twenty five cars. Some nice ones too. Want to come out to California and meet you in person some day. Road trip with junk food and the top down. Project went pretty smooth. Stuck for a while on what engine. Ended up with a 331 w AFR heads and a TFS stage two cam. Running 10.5:1 pistons. Megasquirt makes things nice with the gas we get here in SC. She pluus 390 hp 350 ft/lbs.
Glad you talked me into keeping the 3.27:1 rear end gears.

Too anyone contemplating jumping into this project, you won't regret it. The guys over at Monster know their stuff. Manual reads great though some missing pictures... Having trouble keeping my wife from taking it to work though. Might have to build another. Total cost was $12.5K including the 1993 Miata with a hard top. Let me know when you get that 5 lug wheel conversion done. I'm in. Have a set of 16" American Racing Kidney bean wheels waiting on you .

Thanks again!

~ Martin, Dave & Mara, IL

I built my first monster Miata back in 2008. I was a typical “first timer” and bothered Martin with a barrage of questions. I guess that’s how we became friends. After that first build, Martin asked me for my notes and I gladly shared my thoughts with him. Over the years, we would discuss other modifications I did to the car and Martin would use me as a sounding board for his new ideas. I did my second monster for a client in 2012, and I’m currently doing a third one for a different customer. Through all of the builds, Martin has been a saint!  His twenty plus years of experience and his willingness to share it with everyone makes him a huge asset to anyone building one of these cars!

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