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Differentials & Axles

Red Car Differential

7.5" or 8.8" Ford Differential  $2,250

Ford Thunderbird/ Cougar/ Lincoln MK Vlll differential upgrade for your Miata (does not include axles). Explorer 8.8" are 31 spline and will not work with our axles or differential  mounts.

Rebuilt with an Eaton Truetrac limited slip carrier.

These differentials work with Ford 7.5" CV's and Monster custom axles.

8.8" CV's will NOT fit Monster axles.

All of our CV axles and differentials are 28 spline

Note:  Most of the re manufactured 7.5"CV axles from autoparts stores can not be dissasembled anymore. If you're planing on building your own 7.5" CV axles using the Monster axle bars, I suggest using take out cores. They work great and are very strong.


Need a Ford Differential for your own Miata application?

- Monster bare axles, spacers, bands, boots  $550

- Complete CV axles assembled and ready to install $950 (uses the Monster custom axles)

- Hubs broached $150 (exchanged). Want new hubs? add $70

- Differential hanger and pinion torque mounts $375 (Does require some welding)

- 1,950, plus shipping, handling and tax.

300M Axles Assembled_edited.png

Assembled CV Axle $990

Assembled Axles with using Ford 7.5" CVs

$990, plus shipping, handling and tax.

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